Karsten Inflatable Air Tents

100% Cotton Canvas Inflatable Air Tents

Cotton Canvas, Inflatable Air Tents for Family Camping

Karsten's multi award-winning cotton canvas inflatable air tents were invented in 1981. Crafted from durable, high quality materials and with it's unique high pressure inflation system the tents have proven very popular for family camping as well as for those camping solo. Since its inception in 1981, the Karsten Tent revolutionised the camping landscape, ushering in an era of effortless outdoor leisure. Bidding farewell to the assembly of traditional pole tents—their inflatable air tent design ensures you're set up and ready to relax in minutes after arriving on site! Renowned for its unparalleled convenience, comfort, and robust construction, each Karsten Tent boasts exceptional ventilation and features their high-pressure inflation system for hassle-free setup.


Luxury Camping, Bespoke Tent Solutions, Fully Customisable Karsten Tents

Discover the epitome of luxury camping with our inflatable main tent, fully customisable to meet your every need! Elevate your outdoor experience by seamlessly integrating poled awnings or linking additional Karsten Tents for a myriad of configurations. With a legacy of proven quality spanning decades, our tents are crafted to perfection, providing a bespoke tent solution tailored precisely to your camping requirements.

Base + Awnings

Go basic with the base tent and a selection of awnings to suit your camping needs. From a one nighter to a fortnight in Europe there is a configuration for you.

Base + Sleeping Extension

If you want more room, Add a sleeping extension to sleep a futher four people in two double rooms. Again with a selection of awnings, just take what you need.

Base + Link Tent

By adding a link tent of your choice, you not only get an additional room, but also another Karsten Tent that can be used seperately from the main base tent if needbe.

Experience the ease of setup and versatility with our basic tent lineup, ready to be pitched in just minutes! Ranging from the 220 model to the amazing 380 model, our tents cater to various group sizes and camping needs. Whether you're a single camper, a duo seeking a cosy retreat or a large family in need of ample space, our Karsten tents have the right solution for you.

Equipped with a robust bisonyl bathtub-shaped groundsheet, our standard tent ensures durability and comfort. With a generous standing edge of 25cm, it effectively seals out drafts, moisture, and insects, making for a nicer internal environment.

But why stop at standard when you can elevate your camping experience? Customise and expand your tent with our wide array of accessories, including awnings, link tents, and sleeping extensions. Tailor your setup to suit your unique preferences and enjoy camping in style and comfort like never before!

Check out the below videos

One explaining the different awnings and configurations of the Karsten Tent and the other a real time set-up video of the Karsten 300 with Sleeping Extension and Rain Awning with Connector.