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The Karsten name is stronger than ever and the reputation of the brand is indestructible

On Friday 9th March, there was a massive fire at the Karsten shop and factory in Holland which destroyed everything apart from the tent patterns which are stored elsewhere. As you can imagine the Karsten family are devastated that their life work of 44 years is no longer, but they are a very resilient family and work has already started in clearing the site ready for a re-build.

As such, today, they are moving to new offices and are working hard to secure temporary work premises in order to re-start production as soon as new equipment and materials can be purchased. Our displays will continue as planned and we send all our best wishes to our colleagues at Karsten.

Next Display - Darlington - Friday 23th - Sunday 25th March - Location: The Countryman Pub, Bolam

The Karsten Glamping Luxe Inflatable - All-Season - Modular Tent  - Specifically designed for the Glamping / Rental Market More Info

2018 Winners

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Karsten Inflatable Tents       MORE

The Karsten Inflatable is engineered to the highest standards using only the very best materials and fittings. Classed as the 'Rolls Royce' of tents, the modular design enables our customers to specify a tent that is right for them.

ESVO Pyramid Tents         MORE

The iconic design of the ESVO Pyramid Tent is still as popular now as decades ago. Designed to be super strong in the strongest of winds. The Bedouin collection is exclusive to Camping Travel Store in the UK.

Cabanon Classic Tents      More

The classic designs of the French manufactured Cabanons are ageless. The Biscaya, Awaya & Barbados are some of their most popular models.

Camping Gadgets           MORE 

We recommend the items that we use as a family for our camping experiences, from sleeping bags, to lamps, bed and much more.

Work & Emergency Tents      MORE


Premier Work Tents is the commercial side to our business specialising in Work / Emergency Tents & Screening.

POP Awnings           MORE

A quick awning solution for the standard awning rail on campers and work van alike. Instant shelter with zip on side panel/s.

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