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The most common statements we hear from customers looking to purchase a cotton tent:

  1. Our tent broke in bad weather
  2. Our tent leaked in heavy rain
  3. It's too hot in the tent in the summer
  4. This is our third tent in four years
  5. The tent is really noisy in the wind

If you have ever said this, then investing in your tent is one of the most significant investments you can make for your family. Quality time away helps us to unwind and connect in an environment ouside of the family home. Your tent is the most significant piece of equipment when camping so why only spend what is necessary and not invest in a better quality one?

Did you know that our air tents are modular?

You can purchase an air tent and modify it ready to grow as your needs grows. With an expected life in excess of 20 years you'll have the perfect tent to make a lifetime of memories.


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Full Karsten Display 

3rd March to 12th March 2023


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Not the mainstream

You will see that we do not deal in mainstream tents, but specialise in award-winning cotton canvas tents.

They have many benefits including:

  1. Being very strong in bad weather - storm tents.
  2. Natural waterproof barrier of the cotton canvas.
  3. The cotton allows the tent to breath - allows for it to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  4. The cotton canvas is quieter in windy weather.
  5. The strength of the cotton canvas and components means the tent will last a long time. 
  6. Cotton canvas is sustainably produced - We even have a recycled range of tents made from denim jeans!
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