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Canvas Composition

Inflation System

Canvas: Warp & Weft from twisted (Double) yarns, 100% from

carefully selected high-quality breathable cotton

Weight: Approx. 310 g/m2

Force on Warp: Minimum 120kg/5cm

Weft: Minimum 100kg/5cm

Inches of Water: Minimum 40cm

Colours: Impregnated with special dyes, resistant to discolouration

Treatment: The canvas is carefully impregnated to minimise rot and mould 

Inflating the tent can be done with a foot pump or compressor. 

Whichever pump you choose, inflating a Karsten Tent often causes a lot of attention at the campsite. A foot pump is suitable for the smaller models (200-300). A compressor inflates the right amount of air fast and steadily  in the tubes and is connected to car, either directly to the battery or via a 12V socket. You are also able to inflate with a 240V power supply

Inflating a Karsten air tube with a 12v compressor

Model Specifications

Karsten Tent Specification Table
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