"As your family grows, so can a Karsten Tent"

Karsten Sleeping Extension

It is possible to extend the standard tent with a sleeping extension, for a wonderful nights rest and even more space. A sleeping extension has a surface of six square metres and can accommodate 4 people.

The extension comes with a partitioning wall which divides the sleeping space into two compartments. Each compartment has it own half-moon vent. It is also possible to use the standard tent without the sleeping extension. 


A sleeping extension requires an adjustment in the standard tent which cannot be made after production. This is important to consider if you think that you may want to extend your tent at a later date.

"It's great to be able to give the children their own space"

Karsten Inflatable Tent with Sleeping Extension

Sleeping Extension is available on 300 & 350 Models

The sleeping extension comes in its own bag (95 x 23 x 23 cm 16kg). Once unrolled and unfolded match the zips and peg to the ground. You then zip the extension to the tent and thread the pole through the outer sleeve. You are able to unzip the sleeve to make threading the pole through really easy. Once the pole is in position you are then able to zip the sleeve shut back over the pole and finish pegging out. The video (in Dutch) below shows all the this.

Top Tip

We've found that by using seperate beds in the sleeping extension and doubling them up during the day you can create enough space for a table and  4 chairs. This has proven very useful for the children to play games/ do colouring etc... during inclement weather.

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