"The verstility of having two Karstens joined together"

Karsten Link Tents

The link tent is a smaller version of the larger standard tent and can be easily zipped to the standard tent with a tunnel section. This creates a new 'bedroom' or makes for extra storage space, fully utilising the living space in the main tent.

Perfect for families with children

Small children can only get in and out of the link tent through the main tent. Safer, because the children can't get out of the tent without supervision. When your children are older you are able to disconnect the tents and your children can have their own tent. Both tents can be used separately.

This is convenient when traveling especially on the last night of a longer holiday. In the evening the standard tent and awnings can be packed away dry just leaving the link tent to pack on the day of travel.

The link tent is available for all standard Karsten Tent models 200 to 350.


A link tent requires an adjustment in the standard tent which cannot be made after production. This is important to consider if you think that you may want to extend your tent at a later date.

"A great bedroom - the children love it!"

Excellent Ventilation

 The Ten Cate canvas is 100% Cotton and reinforces the breathability of the tent. There is an adjustable and closable ventilation system in the top of the tent. Model 280-380 also have two vents in the back wall.
The Iconic Karsten Inflatable Link Tent
Karsten 300 Inflatable Tent Linked with a 220 and Comfort / Combi Awning

Joining the Link Tent

Striking camp with a link tent is very easy. Once the main tent is up and guyed, simply position the link tent so that the zips match up, peg down and inflate in the same way as the main tent. Before guying, attach the tunnel section which simply zips onto both tents then tension the guys.

Top Tip

The smaller Karsten models do not offer the ability to add dividers for privacy if children are sharing, especially when they start getting older. A sleeping extension comes with one as standard.

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