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Karsten Awnings

The modularity of the Karsten Tent system means that various awnings can be added to your setup depending on the type of camping you are doing. If it is just an overnighter, you may only want to take the pod and rain awning with connector...for a longer stay you are able to take additional awnings.
The awnings simply zip to each other and use a pole to curve and stable the front. The pole zips into an outer sleeve to alleviate the necessity for threading them through.

You are able to add additional gauze windows with canvas covers to the comfort & extension awning and a large foil window to the door of the front wall with an internal zip- down curtain.

Why not colour code the awnings or the window canvas to the color of your tent.

"So many possibilities... just ask"

The Different Awnings

Comfort Awning

This is the first (Curved) awning to add to the tent. To add the Extension/Front Wall or Combi, you must start with this awning.

Extension Awning

This attaches between the Comfort Awning and Front Wall. This has a gauze window to the right as standard. An additional gauze window can be added to the left

Front Wall

This closes the tent off at the front - It can be attached to the Comfort Awning without the Extension awning and comes with foil (plastic) windows to the sides of the door

Rain Awning

This can be attached to either the Comfort or Extension Awning. It can also be attached directly to the pod using a rain awning connector.


This is a large open awning which can have various configurations. It can be attached to either the Comfort or Extension awning. However, it requires additional zips to be fitted to these awnings so is best order in the first instance rather than an add on.

Zip in Ground Sheet

A zipped in ground sheet is available for either the Comfort Awning/Front Wall footprint or the Comfort Awning/Extension Awning/FrontWall footprint.

The different awnings of the Karsten Inflatable Tent

         Standard Tent                    + Comfort Awning                  + Extension Awning                                  + Front Wall                                     + Rain Awning

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